10 o’clock list: How to Prove You did the Reading Without Looking Like a Normie


Ah, the delicious thrill of class participation. You raise your hand, tentatively at first, before fully solidifying your thought and thrusting your hand into the air. But how will you distinguish yourself from every other well-prepared student in the class? You can’t just comment on the author’s intentions or ask a question about figures mentioned in a study, no, you must do something that catches the attention of your professor and makes them think, “Wow, this kid knows their stuff,” and not, “Why is this school full of fucking normies…God, I wish I was teaching at Oberlin.”

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10 o’clock list: Who Studies Where on Campus

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Library grumps are some of the best Kenyon people I know, and I know a lot of Kenyon people. But who are the library grumps? What makes them tick? How is a library grump different from a Gund Commons giggler and how are both united by a shared hatred of study-space ignorant homework completers? In this list, I won’t answer any of those questions, but I will make sure you get up to speed on the various Kenyon study space populations. This way, when you have an interaction with a steely-eyed, Adderall popping Junior, you’ll know exactly where to flee afterward.

Note: this list is not intended to enumerate the existence of every single study spot on campus, only to characterize the students who study in the listed locations.

  1. Gund Ballroom– First years. And people pulling serious all-nighters who live North.  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Signs Your Life is Falling Apart

sarah mcclachlin

“I’m about to ruin your day.”

If Thanksgiving break is entirely too far away, the weather is entirely  too cold, and you have entirely too much homework–we feel you. It’s the end of the semester. Your life was bound to deteriorate at some point. Here are some sure signs that you’re on the brink:

1. The most exciting part of this week was today’s date. 11/12/13. Well jumping Jesus on a pogo stick.  That’s a numeric progression. If you also made some sort of semi-orgasmic goat noise in the middle of class when you realized this, you should probably go get some more caffeine. Because this has happened every year. For ten years. Yeeeeeee-haw.

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