Will “Picking Partners” Research Influence Your Hookup Life? A Survey

…[The notion of one single hookup culture is] just a stupid and harmful idea. Suddenly an act that is different for everyone gets subsumed under this umbrella Bad Thing of “the new college hookup culture” and there’s shame / derision / general negativity surrounded by something that has been happening literally since before our species was called Homo Sapiens.

–Anonymous queer individual.

Last week, we asked for your take on this article featuring the research of Samuel B. Cummings Jr. Professor of Psychology Sarah Murnen. Murnen’s study of 487 heterosexual Kenyon students posits that those who prefer the hookup scene over longterm relationships are more critical of the bodies of their potential partners. We wanted to know if the study’s conclusions matched your perceptions of the hookup scene, and whether or not the results would influence your decision to partake in casual sex. Here’s what you said:

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