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Hello my fellow birthday-havers! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving break and ate lots of turkey! Gobble gobble, am I right? But now we’re into the final stretch of the semester and and what’s that, you need something to watch/read/consume once finals are over? Well go ahead and bookmark this, baby, because oh do I have some content for you.
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Your Kenyon Astrological Twin: A Real Horoscope Done By A Real Person

This article was written by Maddie Farr ’18 who’s here to tell us all about how Cool and Mysterious astrology is. Get psyched for a REAL HOROSCOPE and not just where to cry in the market
I first learned about astrology from a Very Cool and Mysterious girl at church camp. She carried a book of astrology with her always, and I have a vivid memory of sneaking off to the basement with her and our friends to read our birth charts. The biggest impression I took away from this event was that astrology is Cool and Mysterious, but I couldn’t tell you much else. It took me until the summer of 2015 to read my chart again, and this time it really stuck. I was going through a lot of changes and growth that summer, and astrology became sort of my rock – something to hold onto to make sense of my life. It sounds silly, and sometimes it is silly. But mostly it is Extremely Serious, like this list I have compiled of Kenyon grads/people who hang out at Kenyon who share your sign. Not silly at all!

Virgo: Sean Decatur

Sean Decatur is such a Virgo! Sometimes I just stop during my day and think, I wonder if D-Cat knows how much of a Virgo he is. Basically, Virgos are the planners, organizers, and perfectionists of the chart. You are also often quietly kind and even humble sometimes, as in the case of D-Cat. You can just tell he thinks through anything he says, before he says it. You over-analyze the crap out of your life. But like, best case scenario, you are Sean Decatur.

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Kenyon Horoscopes: Getting You Through Finals


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Thanksgiving break is over and we as a student body are back and pretty much worse than ever! The good news: I’m here to show you the Light and the Way with your horoscope. Here’s some sage advice to follow as you navigate the post-Thanksgiving break pre-winter break swampland that is our campus. Woooohooooo!

Aries- Try going on fewer existential walks around campus at 3am. Listen to the Titanic soundtrack and cry instead. Take care of yourself!

Best place for a breakdown: the cheese section of the market.
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Kenyon Zodiac: Peirce Foods

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we’re back and debatably better than ever

Hello my baby bois. How was your summer? Did you work full time at a Baskin Robbins, too? That’s crazy! But hey, do you rely on your horoscope to dictate personality traits and/or relationships in your life? Have you ever eaten at Peirce? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then listen up! Here are the star signs as Peirce food.

Aries- Vegetarian Miso Infused Noodles. An overly confident (and salted!) dish that loves to  feel a little adventurous. Stay hydrated though, Aires. Love yourself. 

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The Thrill’s 2015 Horoscopes

Capricorns, it's your time to fly!

Capricorns, it’s your time to fly!

New Year, new semester, new you. Or something like that. But what do the stars say about the coming months and your luck (or lack thereof) at Kenyon? Let me look into my crystal ball and ask the spiritual forces at play here. Or text them. That’d be easier. I have unlimited texting.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20): You know that class you’re on the line about Pass/Failing? Get your ass to the Registrar’s Office or this semester is gonna be a lot tougher than it needs to be.

Famous Kenyon Capricorn: E.L. Doctorow (January 6, 1931)

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