A Kenyon Horror Story

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Here at The Thrill, we’re focused and determined to bring the campus hard hitting journalism, and today, we’ve uncovered a story filled with horror unlike anything ever witnessed here at Kenyon College. This certainly gave our staff nightmares, and we’re sorry if it does the same for you, but the truth must be told so that hopefully, others will not be victims. 

It was a dark and stormy night when first-year student Jon Greene* decided to check his email. It had been a long day, filled with classes and repetitive student info emails. He hoped, perhaps, that one of his emails would be from his professors, giving him a grade on his latest english essay. But alas, all the subject titles read [STUDENT-INFO].

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American Horror Story: Kenyon

Let’s face it: some aspects of Kenyon life are pretty terrifying. So when I saw that the next season of American Horror Story is speculated be focused around a circus, I thought to myself “A circus? That’s weak. I can think of like 12 things that I have to deal with daily that are way more horrifying than a circus.” As Kenyon students, we have to face situations which are much scarier than anything that’s ever happened on American Horror Story. Here are some proposals for upcoming seasons of the show.

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