Ideas I Gave My Roommate for Her Stop-Motion Animation Projects


Spoiler Alert: She didn’t take any of them! Not out of lack of love or trust, but just because they fell short of her vision, artistically speaking. Stop-motion animation is, perhaps, one of the most difficult artistic crafts in the movie and art-making game, which is why I am so utterly impressed that some of my fellow compatriots are making fantastic feature short films from what we know as the cradle of civilization, Gambier, OH. How these studio art kids find artistic (divine?) inspiration in this tiny town is frankly beyond me. So of course, I gotta take some type of crack at it! God, this might be for a pretty niche audience but I think it’s working. Continue reading

Do it Tonight: “Book, WHAT?”

This evening, the “Book Arts” class will be presenting their work from the course in Horvitz Hall. The event will explore the book as an “Artist Journal, Visual Form, Rare Object, Archive, Agent of Social Change and Document.” There will also be refreshments (read: free food).

  • What: “Book, WHAT?”
  • When: 4:00 — 5:30 p.m.
  • Where: Horvitz Hall lobby