10 o’clock list: Places I Like to Hang Out (That Make Me Feel Weird)

Hey, don’t mind me! (via wikimedia commons)

Kenyon is a very open and welcoming campus, with a plethora of excellent hang-out spots. That said, here is a list of places where I like to hang out, but, for one reason or another, make me feel weird:

  1. Caples Laundry Room. I went down to the Caples laundry room and found it oddly comforting. Like most laundry rooms on campus, the Caples laundry is in the basement and has a cement floor and a lot of exposed pipes. Normally, these aren’t features I would seek out, but the hum of the machines and the general warmth were very nice. Bonus, it reminds me a lot of the freshman lounge at my high school, which was also in a basement and had a lot of exposed pipes. We called it “the Dungeon.” Continue reading