It Happened to Him: The Last Housing Lottery Pick in All the Land


The Housing Lottery has been the talk of the town for the last few weeks. An all-out bloodbath in the name of getting a south campus single, or an NCA with your friends, or even just a single in Mather, as long as you aren’t on the first floor. While I am a first year and had my rooming situation in place previously (thank you, sweet, sweet Zeta division housing), I am trying to feel empathic for those who have no options but to buddy up to a roommate-less friend of a friend in hopes of not getting the absolute worst possible option.

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Housing Lottery Nightmares: Second to Last Pick in the Entire College


You probably saw a Thrill post a couple weeks ago about the two people with best and worst lottery numbers meeting and having a polite but ultimately sad conversation in Peirce. Remember how bad you felt for #1335? You’re about to get a whole lot sadder!

Abigail Saltzman ’20 and Cat Smith ’20 are currently roommates in Norton, and have been planning to live together as sophomores for quite a while. They had reasonable aspirations, or so they thought. Having enjoyed the all-female Norton this year, they were hoping for a spot in Bushnell, a typically sophomore dorm with a similar atmosphere.

What ended up happening was worse than they could have ever imagined. Cat and Abigail were the second to last pair of roommates to pick their housing in the entire school. Luckily, they lived to tell the tale.

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Battle of the Numbers: The Best and (almost) Worst Lottery Numbers Finally Meet

It’s an overcast cloudy day in Peirce. I’m eagerly sitting at a table by the window overlooking the long hill down to the KAC, anticipating this upcoming interview. Two minutes pass after 4:30, the agreed upon interview time. After sending out several student-info emails, desperate posts in the Kenyon Class of 2020 and 2019 pages, and cries of despair into the night, I have finally found the person with the best and (almost) worst lottery number.

A disclaimer: I did not find the first year with the worst lottery number. Either they were too embarrassed to reveal themselves or they do not check their email/FB. Nevertheless, I did find the first year with the third to last number, Cameron Austin ’20. He sent me a very sad email:

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Tales of the Housing Lottery: The Best Disaster That Could Have Ever Happened



This post was guest-authored by Katherine Connolly ’17.

May this article provide hope for those who feel hopeless. Also, if you want to talk/rant about housing/stress to someone, I’m a PC—my number is all around campus and on our Facebook page. —Katherine Connolly

I’ve decided that absolutely no one likes the time leading up to the housing lottery. No matter the number, no matter the situation— it’s always stressful until it’s over. There’s an element of uncertainty that just can’t be vanquished until the deed is done.

But once it’s over, if you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted—everything is fine. But if you haven’t—you’re left with this feeling of disappointment and maybe even dread.

If you’re in the latter category, this article’s for you. I want to share my story of the housing lottery, not because I am some kind of Success, or because I think that It Happened To Me, so It’ll Happen To You. Everybody’s different. Not every cloud has a silver lining all the time.

I’m just here to tell you that it might.

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“Oh $#@!”: Ways to Cope with the Housing Lottery

Will this be my future cute n fun life??? Oh God, my whole body is quivering like a plate of Jell-O during an earthquake someone help

Will this be my cute n fun life next fall??? Oh God, my whole body is quivering like a plate of Jell-O during an earthquake someone help

Have you checked your Kenyon email? Did you get your lottery number? Was it all you expected it to be and more? No? It’s awful? You’re crying? You’ve snuggled into the jersey sheets on your twin XL mattress and are refusing to emerge until after the lottery is over? Come on, little one, do not weep. Here’s a hand. Let’s get you out of that bed. Life isn’t as bad as it seems.

I want to give you a piece of insider wisdom, and I mean it sincerely. This isn’t just to assuage you or anything, I swear. Ready?

No one knows how the heck the housing lottery works.

Got it? Okay. Now that we’ve established one concrete ground rule, let’s go over a game plan:

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