Attention English Majors: Your Ego Has Been Padded

Whassup, international news.

Whassup, international news.

What’s better than waking up in a pool of your own cold sweat at 6 A.M. only to realize it’s a Monday in February? Why, getting mad props from the Huffington Post, of course!

According to their post, aptly entitled “So You Want To Be A Writer?”, Kenyon is one of the best places in the nation to study creative writing and journalism. As someone who has done some hard-hitting reporting on this campus, I’m overjoyed. Finally, my self-worth has been affirmed by some lady I met on the internet who lives thousands of miles away.

Want the ‘tails? Click here for the full article.

Breaking News: We Have Awesome Professors

Two students reflect on the sheer brilliance of their professors. (via Kenyon College Special Collections)

You can officially stop worrying about the quality of your undergraduate education. That’s because Kenyon was just named one of the ten colleges with the best professors in the country, according to the lastest Princeton Review ranking. Continue reading