Humans on the Hill: Relay for Life Edition

In case you think that all the purple around campus this week has something to do with a second homecoming or beating Denison at a sport, this week’s Humans on the Hill highlights Purple Pride Week and the Relay for Life Committee as they get ready for the main event at the KAC from 12 pm-12am on Saturday, April 11.

Relay for life 4

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Humans of the Hill: Vol. 4


Inspired by Humans of New York, The Thrill documents Kenyon students as they go about their daily lives. Here we present our loving tribute, Humans of the Hill.


“What is the weirdest helpline request you’ve ever gotten?”

“Probably this one. This one was someone who wanted to find the Saint John’s Bible exhibit that was at the archives. I’m not sure if it’s still here, but they called  us because apparently we’re the number that’s on the college website to call about whatever. So that’s probably the weirdest.”

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