Morning Weather Check: Frankenstorm

At least it doesn’t say “and exotic animals”

The top news story this week, as you probably guessed, is the weather. For us on the Hill, the hot news item would have been Vice President Joe Biden’s visit, but even the weather upstaged that one.  Yes, hurricane Sandy has certainly made her mark, using her army of skanks, Rain and Wind (please don’t name any of your future children this), to take away Kenyon’s 15 minutes of fame. Shame on you Sandy! But in all honesty, we shouldn’t complain too much. Sandy has been pulverizing the East Coast and the Caribbean causing flash floods, leaving many without power or worse. And through it all “Mayor Bloomberg” has kept us informed on the status of New York City, a.k.a. half of Kenyon’s hometown.

For Gambier, the weather looks like it will remain this mess of rain, strong winds and some possible snow mixed in for the next couple days. Today there is a 100% chance of rain, winds up to 50 mph and a high of 39 degrees. A flood watch will remain in effect until 8:00 p.m. Be very cautious on the roads for possible flooding and ice.

The Monday Catchup


Though Sandy may not go barreling straight through Ohio, we’re safely in the “Alert” zone of the map. (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: This week’s lead story is Frankenstorm. Also known as “Hurricane Sandy” (or whatever),  Frankenstorm will soon make landfall somewhere in Delaware/southern New Jersey. From there it is projected (science for “we aren’t sure”) to come through Pennsylvania then bang a right and head to New York State. Will Sandy cancel classes? Will Vice President Biden make it to Gambier? I hope the answer is yes to both.

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Prepare for Frankenstorm

“It’s pronounced Fronkenstorm!”

The end is nigh, and possibly starting with the incoming Frankenstorm. Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to ravage the East Coast starting tonight. Though central Ohio is not supposed to get hit as bad as, say, Rhode Island, that’s no reason not to be prepared for the worst. Here is a list of things that we suggest you do in preparation for the Frankenstorm:

  1. Stockpile food — If the drudge to Peirce in the mud, cold and perhaps snow doesn’t suit your fancy, make sure that you blackmail your friend with a car into taking you to our handy Mt. Vernon Wal-Mart tonight or tomorrow. Though sources say that canned tuna, trail mix and peanut butter are the way to go, it may be wise to throw in a bottle of Jack Daniels(although you’ll have to go to Rite-Aide for this) and some Twinkies (if Family Guy is to believed, Twinkies will not only last you through a snowstorm, but through a nuclear apocalypse).  Continue reading