10 o’clock list: Five Ways to De-Stress

Stress? What stress?

Stress? What stress?

Take a moment and imagine yourself in a happy place. Surround yourself with people you love, your favorite kind of  music, and lots of delicious food. Feel yourself  slowly sinking into euphoria when suddenly A BEAR ATTACKS! You try to run, but you can’t move. And you’re covered in honey. You’re also back in middle school and have just missed a test that you didn’t know you had. Are you stressed? Because that’s kind of what the last couple weeks of the semester feel like. Thankfully, the whole bear attack thing was probably just a stress dream. Sometimes you may feel too comfortable at Kenyon. However, at this time of year, you mostly feel uncomfortable at Kenyon (those  impending deadlines tend to be disgruntling). But never fear! This list is here to offer some quick ways to relieve some of your pre-finals tension.

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Poll: Concerning Your Hangover

It’s Tuesday, and I hope you’re all feeling well-rested and on top of all the work you let slide this weekend. Everyone celebrates Sendoff differently, and what with this year’s unique format we all started, and ended, at different times. The natural follow-up question for everyone is, of course:

When did you sober up after this weekend’s festivities?

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