Cam’ron Broke The Horn

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman' 15 with what is left of the Horn door

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman’ 15 with what is left of The Horn door. Photo credit: Charlie Collison’ 15

It will be news to only those living under the Beta rock or seriously hibernating in the library basement that Kenyon was visited by the illustrious Cam’ron this past weekend. Killa Cam was slated to perform at The Horn at 9:00pm. No opener…because, well, he probably just didn’t want one. I am fairly certain that every Kenyon student– past, present, and future were gathered outside of The Horn anxiously and pretty vocally awaiting any news of Cam’ron. Continue reading

How to Stay Kool at Kenyon When All You Have are Sweaters

"Is this any better, Squidward? I made this one with my tears." (via

“Is this any better, Squidward? I made this one with my tears.” (via

Unless you’ve been shut in your dorm room all week lamenting the outcome of the Pretty Little Liars finale, you’ve probably noticed that it’s still summer on the Hill. The sun is out, the birds are singing and everyone smells like an awkward middle school dance (women’s deodorant sucks — cut me some slack).

If your wardrobe looks like a ’90s church rummage sale complete with piles and piles of Cosby sweaters, have no fear. You don’t have to go on an online shopping spree in order to tame your inner Ted Striker. Just follow these tips and you’ll be easy, breezy and beautiful in no time.

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President Decatur Did The Thing

Today, President Decatur accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from Denison University president, Adam Weinberg. Just in case you haven’t seen this enough on your news feed, here it is again. But somehow, it’s raising money, so I’ll retreat back into my shell for the time being and watch those last ten seconds of footballers jumping gleefully over and over again.

Decatur has nominated Grant Cornwell of of Wooster, Lynn Pasquerella of Mount Holyoke and Marvin Krislov of Oberlin. So. You know. Stay tuned.