10 o’clock list: Sexiest Patches of Ice on Campus

Who doesn’t love February? The bitter cold, the cabin fever, the familiar reminder that love is fleeting and death is eternal: it simply screams fun*. But my favorite hobby this time of year (besides licking metal poles with one of my numerous tongues) is finding the sultriest lil’ ice rink on campus. Fellow ice aficionados, you may not want to read this in public as it has been known to induce excessive drooling and/or impromptu renditions of the dance from “Happy Feet”. Here are the sexiest patches of ice on campus:

1) Patch of Ice by Storer


Soooo slippery. Am I falling in love or just falling down because of the ice I am walking on?

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This Just In, Yesterday: Salt Shortage Signals Impending Slipperiness

slipLast night, a relative flurry of all-stu emails came drifting into my inbox. One nearly escaped my notice (I was eagerly looking for class cancellations), bearing the all-important subject line, “Salt Supplies are Limited for Kenyon Community.” Hmm. And no, Kenyon is not on a low sodium diet. And no, Kenyon is not investing in salt-licks for all of our beloved deer. Continue reading

Frozen Middle Path: It’s Really Not That Funny

Pretty, but not worth it.

Pretty, but not worth it.

The ice has descended. And if you had the absolute displeasure of walking through the Gates of Hell over the weekend, you experienced the equivalent of a perfectly Zamboni’d ice rink instead of the familiar Middle Path gravel. I was slowly shuffling north through the Gates of Hell one evening, and heard a sickening crack behind me. The familiar sound of someone crashing to the icy ground resonates all too well, and I knew how he would be feeling that in the morning. Continue reading