Reading Recommendations (from Strangers) Based on How Much You Like to Cry

woman_cryingThe weather’s gross, work is gross, life is gross. Faced with these facts of life I decided to ask strangers on middle path for book recommendations that might make me cry. Here’s what they said:

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Weekend Playlist: Valentine’s Day Hangover


Candy heart is 2 real

Readers, friends, lovers, do not worry. I, too, am VERY upset that Valentines Day 2017 has come to a close. Second only to Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day serves as the source of most of my joy. Yes, I said it. Why?  Every year on February 14th, the apathetic layman is inundated with colors, scents, and feelings of love; heartfelt or not, one iota of this stuff is bound to diffuse into his consciousness. He feels the love. You feel the love. Suddenly he is texting, “I love how your hair puddles around your shoulders in inky rivulets” as opposed to, “U up? ;)” Now you’re looking at properties in the area, unsure about the 2-bedroom townhouse, because maybe you want space for two or three kids. You decide to get a dog together and try caring for something other than yourselves for once. Next thing you know you’ve purchased a trunk load of flat-pack furniture from IKEA, five Flärdfulls and two Riktig Öglas in total. What was I saying?

Anyway, V-day can be nauseating. Check out these tunes.

Cool Company- Call You Back

This jiggly hit will speak to those who really (seriously) only want to hook up. The lyrics speak for themselves.
“Don’t you think we would be perfect together?

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Dear Alum: Olof Palme ’48

Kenyon’s alumni are some of the best and brightest in the world (we happen to think). In this feature, we celebrate some of our most beloved Kenyon alums with the highest honor any mortal can hope to achieve: notes/letters published on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, the InternetIn celebration of that most sinful of holidays, Halloween, we’ve decided to write a letter to one of our most excellent ghostly alums, Olof Palme.  

Dear Olof Palme,

Thanks so much for ruling Sweden, history shows that that’s a toughie. Civic discontent is on the rise, huh? How’re you planning to handle it, Big Guy? My social skills coach told me that when I’m feeling intimidated I should start the conversation with a joke. Here goes:

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10 o’clock list: Things John Green Should Have Spoken About

You have some explaining to do. (via

You have some explaining to do. (via

Oh my gosh, John Green was here!!! He did not forget to be awesome if you catch my drift. But there were things that he didn’t talk about. I mean, how could he have spoken about everything in such a short time? But there were definitely gaps that probably needed to be addressed.

  1. How he feels about being Kenyon’s marketing campaign. I personally would prefer a viral Edwin M. Stanton campaign, but for him it must be rewarding to have his face go to every college junior’s mail box every three weeks. Right? Continue reading