10 o’clock list: Mental Illnesses Intro Psych Students Diagnose Themselves With

At the end of my first semester at Kenyon, I walked out of my last Introduction to Psychology class armed with a deeper understanding of the difference between assimilation and accommodation, the image of Professor White doing a handstand (Ed.: Wasn’t she pregnant?), and a psychological diagnosis for everyone around me, including myself. Here are the top five mental illnesses that Intro to Psychology students (Ed.: try to) diagnose themselves with.

  1. Social Phobia (an irrational fear of being publicly humiliated or embarrassed): Any first-year that went through the emotional rollercoaster that is Orientation will most likely have aggressively highlighted this definition in their textbooks. The overwhelming fear that rises up in your throat as you eat dinner with people you do not know and find yourself with nothing to say and a not so discrete piece of kale stuck between your teeth seems pretty on point with the diagnosis. Continue reading