First Years React: Inaug Ball

Our dear dear first-year writers and editors experienced their first-ever Inaugural Ball this weekend! So we asked them: What did you think? Did you like it? Were you scared? Did you cry? Are you okay? Is there someone I can call? An ambulance? Do you need an ambulance? Oh god  you don’t have insurance okay oh god oh fuck I can’t drive but I can call you an Uber? Yeah? Is Uberpool okay?

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10 o’clock list: Do’s and Don’ts for the Inaugural Ball

maddeningly unhelpful johnny depp gif

Saturday brings perhaps your one and only chance to party with the entire campus. Literally. The President, administrators, professors, students, and maybe even a few randos will throw down all at one time, all in the same place. If this gives you extraordinary amounts of anxiety, we understand. Here are a few pieces of advice to help assuage your fear:

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