Where’s Philander Chase?

philander chase final coverCreeping on computer screens in campus-wide study spots has led us to believe that there’s a negative correlation with days left before break and homework completed. Fear not, The Thrill has stepped in once again to aid your pre-Thanksgiving procrastination.  Chase away your despair and find Kenyon’s founder as he philanders with staff and students during some major events this year.

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D-Cat: The Inauguration in 3D

You saw the ceremony. You went to the Gala. This Christmas, experience it again in theaters everywhere. Ok, well maybe not theaters. But they are making a video to commemorate Sean Decatur’s inauguration, and personally, I would pay good money to watch it.  No one knows what exactly what will be in this video, but people are placing bets. Personally, I’m hoping for some rad scenes of Decatur playing D&D, shot in 3D and directed by Michael Bay. But no matter what happens in the video, we’ve got the poster covered: Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Things Georgia Nugent Didn’t do During Inauguration Weekend

(via Kenyon Alumni Bulletin)


It was quite a shocker for me to see Kenyon’s former President, S. Georgia Nugent, last Friday at the Fall Blues Festival in Peirce Pub. For the First Years who never knew the Nuge, she was that rather expressive, petite woman that resembled flavor flav at President Decatur’s Inauguration.

I had heard rumors that she would be returning to our magic mountain for the Inaugural festivities, but for some reason I didn’t buy it. Seeing her in the flesh really took me for a turn. A thousand thoughts rushed through my head: Is she still mad about that one post? Why isn’t she wearing more jewelry? Does she remember me from that one time at the Market when we both bought Greek yogurt and laughed about it for a good 25 seconds? Was she always that tiny?!?  I, of course, didn’t talk to her the entire weekend; I know how to respect my elders.  But if she had attended certain events on campus I might have been more inclined to strike up a conversation. So in tonight’s list, I review the places and events former President Nugent should have attended but didn’t during her last Kenyon hurrah.

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Final Thoughts on the Inauguration

(via Kenyon.edu)

(via Kenyon.edu)

D-Cat’s inauguration has come and gone. It is now officially time for the telling of inaugural anecdotes and close readings of the past weekend’s events. Two of our distinguished editors, Spencer Kaye’ 14 and Olivia Grabar Sage’ 15 have come together to discuss their thoughts and feelings on all things inauguration.

Spencer: The Gala was pretty much the coolest thing ever. It was a real meeting of the Kenyon Community and made for an excellent party. Why can’t we just do that every weekend? With all the rumors surrounding that party, I think it far exceeded any expectations.

For the Seniors amongst us, you may remember what Phling was an how great that lost tradition truly was. This was like that on steroids. Free drinks and an amazing band. I will say the Weezer cover band we had — My Name is Jonas — was incredibly fun, but hey, it was D-Cats choice.

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10 o’clock list: Highlights of Inauguration Weekend


President Decatur and his wife, Renee Romano, in the spotlight during the Illumination of Old Kenyon (Photo by Emily Hills ’16).

Inauguration Weekend has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can relive the glory!  These last three days have been full of great Kenyon moments, and aren’t likely to ever happen again. Check out (what I think are) the best moments of Inauguration Weekend:

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