We Got an Instagram and are Excited and Pleased


fun fact: none of the people in this photo write for this publication*

We know you kids love the New Apts, but do you love New Apps? Now that we’re all feeling giggly and safe, let’s get serious for a moment. There’s this app called Instagram and it’s dynamite. Dy-na-mite. You can post pictures of things and other people will see them and like them or ignore them and then pretend that they didn’t see them when you ask about it later! It’s everything we’ve ever wanted here at The Thrill. So we took the leap. We made an account. And now here we are, asking you to follow us. We are humbled before you, asking a favor friend to friend. Give us a follow, throw us a like. Hey, we might even follow you back!  Continue reading

Meet The Dad Behind The Kenyon Dads Instagram

This is what comes up when you google “Kenyon dads.” Via mobofree.com

There’s a new Instagram account whose primary focus is a subgenre of students they are calling “Kenyon dads.” Usually accompanied by some kind of “dad joke” or a phrase an embarrassed teenager might whine when their father does something embarrassing. The Instagram, KenyonDads, posts pictures of students weekly, crowning a new Kenyon Dad with each post. Lucky for you Thrill readers, I happen to know the Dad behind the Dads. I decided to ask them a few questions in the name of journalism. They agreed, but only if they could remain an anonymous dad.

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