Thought-Provoking Installation Art on Campus Right Now


A treasure map of installation art on display around campus

You may have noticed some new art popping up around campus overnight, joining the ranks of the swirly twirly glass chandelier in Storer, the simply indescribable metal contortion on the Science Quad lawn, and the funky arrowhead mobile hanging above New Side in Peirce. These new marvels of innovation are projects from Professor Esslinger’s Installation Art class, and these students have worked ridiculously hard on their projects, pulling multiple all-nighters, eating at strange hours, and forsaking other responsibilities and human companionship in the name of glorious Art. Check out everyone’s pieces on display this week, but for now, here are a few highlights!

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10 o’clock List: Hidden Installation Art Pieces on Campus

One of several provoking new installation art pieces recently installed around campus.

One of several provoking new installation art pieces recently installed around campus.

A few weeks ago students from Kenyon’s Installation Art class bestowed the campus with beautiful pieces of art, each of which with its own meaning and interpretation. Although the art class’s pieces have since been taken down, recently several others have popped up – but they’re not from the Installation Art class. Is it Kenyon’s very own Banksy? Or perhaps another very legitimate artist has made their way around campus? Here are some of the pieces I’ve been able to find so far. Continue reading

“Public Art Vandalism Decried”, Continued

Courtesy of Greenslade Special Collections and Archives

Middle Path 1956 – Courtesy of Greenslade Special Collections and Archives

On Wednesday, October 15, the Kenyon Public Art Committee sent out a Student Info e-mail entitled, “Public art vandalism decried”. The e-mail expressed the committee’s dismay in response to the vandalism of two outdoor art pieces that were created for Professor Claudia Esslinger’s Installation Art class. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Kenyon Courses that Require Your Entire Brain



This post was co-written by Olivia Grabar Sage ’15, Elizabeth Norman ’16 and Emma Specter ’15.

Sometimes, there is just not enough room in your brain to balance all of your work; how do you even fit twenty more pages of Habermas in there with trying to understand that problem set from Economics with Calculus.* These are not classes that assign too much work–these are classes that you become so invested in that you kind of stop caring about your other work. We recommend that you take all of them.  Continue reading

“Since When Is that Art?” Installation Art Up for the Week

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.02.11 PM

A map of the installation locations

Installation art has been one of the more controversial classes in Kenyon’s curriculum. Absent last year due to the sabbatical of the instructor (Claudia Esslinger), the course is back this fall, and I am lucky enough to be in it! We only have two installations the entire semester (which is TERRIFYING) and our first works of art are currently installed around campus! The theme of the assignment was “intervention.” Here’s a quick look at what the artists have to say about their work!

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