Ideas I Gave My Roommate for Her Stop-Motion Animation Projects


Spoiler Alert: She didn’t take any of them! Not out of lack of love or trust, but just because they fell short of her vision, artistically speaking. Stop-motion animation is, perhaps, one of the most difficult artistic crafts in the movie and art-making game, which is why I am so utterly impressed that some of my fellow compatriots are making fantastic feature short films from what we know as the cradle of civilization, Gambier, OH. How these studio art kids find artistic (divine?) inspiration in this tiny town is frankly beyond me. So of course, I gotta take some type of crack at it! God, this might be for a pretty niche audience but I think it’s working. Continue reading


It Happened to Me: I Offended the Hockey Team


March 3, 2016

Next month, it will have been a year.

In early March of my senior year of high school, winter was shedding its layers and readying itself to welcome spring. But, before it bid the town of Montclair, New Jersey goodbye, winter offered us one last shot at a snow day. Word of the upcoming weather spread quickly. Two days away from the forecast, children across the school district feverishly checked to validate their hopes. I was one of those children. At 10:15, I got a notification from a classmate, Cameron. He had posted a screenshot from in the Facebook group of my graduating class. The post read, “Fingers crossed!” followed by a predicted 63% chance for a snow day two days away. I grinned, unabashedly revealing a mouthful braces to the glow of my computer screen. My mind whirred with excitement, and as fan of comedy and attention in general, I wracked my brain for a joke to comment on Cameron’s post. That’s when all hell broke loose.

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Squash Club Emails Lead to Mass Chaos, Zero Chill

via YikYak

via YikYak

Now that AllStu has fallen out of fashion, email battles are rare at best; the all-out Internet wars of years past have become nothing more than faded memories stored in the recesses of the class of 2016’s collective consciousness. Since the great crisis of 2013, the word “unsubscribe” has lost its luster, and nowadays, the name “Kenny Fedorko” barely rings a bell. We lived, we learned, and we moved on. Or so we thought. Continue reading

The Monday Catchup

Boston Marathon

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: A year after the Boston marathon bombing, many survivors are trying to make meaning of their experience without being defined by it. The New York Times talks to a pair of brothers whose lives were transformed by the event and details the challenges they’ve endured since the attack.

After The Jump: SNL mocks CNN, Afghanistan contemplates a runoff, the Masters has a new winner, dumb things on Twitter, a tragic shooting in Kansas City, and a media take on Game of Thrones.

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Vive la WiFi!


Due to widespread confusion about the three different WiFi networks available to Kenyon students–KenyonWiFi, KenyonGuests, and KenyonDevices–I have decided, as a Helpliner and Thrill writer, to shed a little light on the subject and teach you (yes, you!) what to use and where to use it.


This is the standard WiFi for all personal computers. Read more after the break! Continue reading

Uphill/Downhill: Kenyon Unique & Kenyon Internet

A week and a half to go before Spring break, get that paper done, study for that exam and just power through.

Uphill: Kenyon Unique — If you don’t know, Kenyon Unique is a lecture series that started this year that features Kenyon Professors. This weekend it will feature P.F. Kluge and I could not be more excited. As someone who has gotten to enjoy his off-the-cuff remarks for the last 2 years, I can guarantee this is going to be amazing. If you decide not to go at least reconsider based on this poster he deemed “bad-ass” and something the Bookstore should “keep up forever.”

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10 o’clock(ish) list: Five Internet Sensations to Distract You From Your Work

Just take a break from your work and relax, Dilbert.

What does it take to become an internet sensation? Mostly you will need a computer and a marginal level of tech knowledge. It also helps if you can sing, or if you are a cat that can flush the toilet by itself. But you probably have too many papers to write and too little time on your hands to even think about matching up to the likes of Justin Bieber or Piano Cat just yet. So just sit back, relax and look at these things that I found on the internet instead.

  1. A video of a dog welcoming home a soldier – Try not to smile. I dare you. Continue reading