What’s Happening at Weaver Cottage?

In this week’s issue of the Thrill, Kenyon’s oldest and most reputable investigative journal, I delve into the goings-on (or lack thereof) at Weaver Cottage this strange semester. Is anyone using it? Is someone living there? Can I live there? Can you live there? Is a goblin living there?

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Honest Question: What is the Hit Song “Anna Sun” About?

Oh, you know the song. Anna Sun isn’t only the beloved Sociology professor at Kenyon College, but the name of a chart-topping hit with a melody you can’t shake. When you were home for weeks at a time whether it be Thanksgiving or Spring break, you mentioned/humble-bragged to your friends from home while you were coasting that the song they were blasting is actually based on that tiny speck of land you call your college. Did you know Anna Sun is based on Kenyon? Yeah, the lead singer went there. Yeah I’m the coolest person you know. 

We decided to investigate one step further, push the envelope if you will. We listened to the earth-shattering lyrics over and over, desperate to find the clear references to the ‘bier.

Fire-crackers in the east my car parked south: Ok he’s obviously talking about dear South Lot 2, lovingly known as the ends of the earth.

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10 o’clock list: Ways That You May Have Already Contracted Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease


So, as we all learned from the health center last week, hand-foot-mouth disease is going around campus. The virus, according to the CDC website usually causes mild fever, sore throat, malaise, and skin and/or mouth rashes. While that all sounds pretty gnarly, it is nothing severe, so no need to launch into a full fledged, student-wide panic. If you say hand-foot-mouth disease three times fast it kind of sounds like a fun nursery rhyme for children. The Thrill, with all of our investigative prowess has decided to get to the source. What brought hand-foot-mouth to our little hill and how have you already touched something with your hand and then your foot and then your mouth?  Continue reading