We Tried Every Single Flavor of Italian Soda at Wiggin So You Didn’t Have To


Knock, knock–who’s there? It’s me, I’m at Wiggin Street Coffee Shop ready for the day. What’s that? They’re coffee machine is broken? Ok I will just have an iced tea. What’s that? That’s also broken? How can you break tea? Never mind. Now I don’t know what to get! Oh wait–I know! I’ll just get an italian soda. So refreshing and fun.

But I don’t know what flavor to order. I’m overwhelmed and need help. I guess I will just have to try every single flavor with the entire Thrill editing staff. 

Let’s begin. The following is a stream of consciousness through the taste-testing process.


  • Why is there cream???? 
  • excited
  • lactose intolerance is concerning
  • im apprehensive


  • feeling gassy (a leel)
  • overwhelmed
  • kenda *eating carrots and hummus

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