Hey, Alums — Just Because You Graduated Doesn’t Mean You Can Climb The Cove

Snapchat/interpretation courtesy of Natalie Reneau '15.

Snapchat interpretation courtesy of Natalie Reneau ’15.

Each week our chums over at the Collegian publish a Village Record of illicit goings-on around Gambier, which we at The Thrill use to play rousing games of “Pin The Famous Alum On The #SoQuirky Anonymous Descriptor.” The above, from this week’s edition — “Alumni found to be on roof of college building in the Gambier Grill apartments. Individuals notified that it was strictly prohibited. Also notified of requirement to register as guest” — was Snapchatted to me by an eagle-eyed friend, bearing the legend “Josh Radnor get out.” It was absolutely him, guys. I’ll bet my badge and gun (yes, Thrill editors get a badge and a gun, it’s standard operating procedure) he had Zibby up there with him, staring up at the night sky and naming the constellations.