A (Sort of) Comprehensive Guide to Campus Celebrities

By the way, Kenyon is in Knox County.

By the way, First Years, Kenyon is in Knox County. (From left to right: Mike Durham, Meredith Harper Bonham ’92, Sean Decatur, Hoi Ning Ngai and Bam Bam the Cat.)

Confused by the vast number of faculty members sending you email after email about open class seats and music lessons? Upset by the sheer volume of smiling adult faces you’ve attempted to impress over the past 72 hours? Feeling lost due to an overwhelming sense of displacement, but unable to reach out for guidance because you simply don’t know who to trust?

Me too, friend. These feelings don’t go away with time.

BUT! If you’re looking for the low-down on Kenyon’s key players, I’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in a calming pool of sweet, sweet information. You’ll thank me when you’re older. Continue reading

Janet Lohmann Named New Dean of Students



via bowdoin.edu

Today, an article on kenyon.edu confirmed that Janet Lohmann will be joining Kenyon’s campus as the new Dean of Students this August. Lohmann previously served at Bowdoin College originally as a professor of sociology, later as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and most recently as Dean of First-Year Students. Lohmann has been described by many members of the Kenyon community as an excellent fit for the position.

In light of recent campus events, a detail in Kenyon’s description of Lohmann caught The Thrill‘s attention. As kenyon.edu’s article reads, “[Lohmann] earned a doctorate in sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2000, focusing her dissertation on sexual assault on college campuses.”

An excerpt from Lohmann’s abstract reads:

Conclusions from this study reveal that there is much disparity among members on how they perceive rape and the university’s anti-rape policies and programs. Much of the disparity is attributable to gender and some to position within the institution. (Read the full abstract at UmassAmherst.)

Undoubtedly, Lohmann’s voice will be a welcome addition to campus dialogue not only regarding this issue, but others which concern the welfare of the Kenyon community.