It Happened to Me: A Collection of One-Line Stories


We all have fun stories about meeting celebrities, punching windows, and being stood up by our professors that have so many twists and turns that not even a full post can thoroughly cover. However, some stories only need a single sweet line to burst into the world. Here are some of the Thrill Editors’ best, and shortest, “It Happened to Me”s.

“Campo caution taped up all the doors in Horvitz during a blackout while I was still inside.”

“I threw up in old side and just left it there.”

“I drunkenly tried to have phone sex in the middle of a Taft party.”

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Klexicon Entry: J is for Jaywalking


Let’s be honest – we’ve all done it. Underneath the flawless facade that Kenyon cultivates and keeps, we’re all little rule breakers.  The crosswalk is only a short distance away, but it’s just so much easier to cross here, right in the middle of the road. It’s technically illegal, but in a little place like Gambier, it doesn’t really matter. People jaywalk in even busier places like New York City or Los Angeles, so cutting a corner on Gaskin Avenue every once isn’t really that bad.

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