I Infiltrated an A Cappella Group So You Don’t Have To

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That’s right gang. Despite having no vocal training, no singing experience, and only the vaguest idea of what a time signature is, I went undercover and pretended to be in an a cappella group for two (2) years so you don’t have to. And now the jig is up, and I’m here to share with you all the things I’ve learned in my secret time singing without instruments. The Group in Question: Take Five, Kenyon’s premiere jazz a cappella group, the sexiest group on campus and the only group stupid enough to take me.

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Weekday Playlist: Unoffensive Corporate Jazz Inspired by Panera Bread

I love your work. (via panerabread.com)

I love your work. (via panerabread.com)

Eight o’clock finds me doing small Hillary Clinton-esque shoulder shimmies to the ’90s jazz tunes softly tumbling out of the Mount Vernon Panera Bread’s speakers. I’m having a dope-ass, chill-ass Tuesday, And You Should Too!™

To bring my fun experience straight to you, I Shazam’d a bunch of the songs I’ve heard within the past hour and put them all in a neat lil playlist. This entirely innocuous and somewhat bland set of moderately funky jams will make you say, “Hey! This is something I could have played on my tiny Bluetooth speaker when my parents walked into my Mather double last weekend to make it seem like college had made me super mature and sophisticated!” Or perhaps you’ll think, “Wow! This forces me to focus even harder on procrastinating! Maybe I should check out that Kim Kardashian app!”

Anyway, here’s the playlist. Hunker down, study up, and stay tuned for updates – there’s no way I’m going to stop asking Siri “what song is this” every two to three minutes. I’ve already set a precedent.

Musician Profile: Javier Leung ’15

This is a series in which we interview a student musician and talk about their involvement in music, since music here includes such a wide range of things. Today, we have a profile about Javier Leung and his expansive involvement in Kenyon’s music scene.  Know a musician you want to see interviewed? Comment below!


Check out some of Jay’s music here.

Javier Leung
Class Year:

Hong Kong


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Weekend Playlist: THE JAZZIEST OF JAZZ EDITION by Take 5



Feeling all shoo-bop-a-diddly-doo after our face-meltingly amazing set of jazzy jazz tunes? Follow us, the members of Kenyon’s premier jazz a cappella group, as we take a little trip down Sexophone Lane! Listen and smile as these classic artists serenade you with seventh chords and smooth, smooth feeling. It’s bound to be a skiddly-diddly-bow-woppin’ good time!

Falling – Esperanza Spalding

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