The Monday Catchup

T-minus seven days until Halloween, ya weenies, so get some good rest and some good work done this week. I know most of you were formal-ed out by the end of this weekend. Let’s see. We had DKE, AD, International, AND Leaf Peepers formal. Oh. You didn’t hear about Leaf Peepers formal? Well, you missed out! It was Tuesday afternoon and people were all-dolled up, standing outside in the fall foliage. They had professional photographers at this formal, too. They kept saying to me, “Hey, this is a photo shoot. Could you please get out of the shot?” I was all like, “Sure, let’s do a round of shots!” You can guess how the rest of that situation played out (apparently “open containers” aren’t allowed by the “sheriff” or something). Anyway, it sounds like your weekend was better…

I started a game of frisbee at a formal with a pizza box.

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