10 O’Clock List: Songs to Blast Now That Trump’s Been Voted Out

Loathe him or hate him, Trump has been voted out of office, despite his insistence that the election was rigged. I don’t know about most of the Kenyon population, but I’m stoked. I haven’t had serotonin levels this high since… well… who knows? To keep the happy chemicals coming, I’ve curated a playlist dedicated to bidding you-know-who an enthusiastic “good riddance!” I may have questionable music taste, at best, but the following songs are standouts as far as emulating the feeling of euphoria upon realizing we’ll be kicking him out of the White House in a few short months.

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The Monday Catchup

Good lord. This weekend. It didn’t really break ME, but it surely broke some of my friends. The play I was stage managing went up this weekend (burtle flur by jacky silvertoe) and that was CRAZY. If any of you saw two lanky sophomores carrying pitchers of yellow liquid through the servery last week, those were my assistants stocking up for our stage beer. Turns out green tea is a very convincing substitute for beer, as proven by all the LOOKS they got during dinner rush. Closing a show always has its own sort of ~catharsis~ but OH BOY did that catharsis take a turn Saturday night post-cast-party (classic theatre kid bullshit, sorry, but also not sorry at all). Now let’s keep in mind that Senior Soiree was occurring at the same time that night. But I guarantee that the belligerent little boy I was supervising went unparalleled to any senior drunk off the school’s dime. But do not fret, he got tucked into bed at the end of the night, perfectly safe, albeit near tears about how beautiful Catcher in the Rye is. That was basically my whole weekend, but here’s my high/low/buffalo anyway:

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Morning Weather Check: Frankenstorm

At least it doesn’t say “and exotic animals”

The top news story this week, as you probably guessed, is the weather. For us on the Hill, the hot news item would have been Vice President Joe Biden’s visit, but even the weather upstaged that one.  Yes, hurricane Sandy has certainly made her mark, using her army of skanks, Rain and Wind (please don’t name any of your future children this), to take away Kenyon’s 15 minutes of fame. Shame on you Sandy! But in all honesty, we shouldn’t complain too much. Sandy has been pulverizing the East Coast and the Caribbean causing flash floods, leaving many without power or worse. And through it all “Mayor Bloomberg” has kept us informed on the status of New York City, a.k.a. half of Kenyon’s hometown.

For Gambier, the weather looks like it will remain this mess of rain, strong winds and some possible snow mixed in for the next couple days. Today there is a 100% chance of rain, winds up to 50 mph and a high of 39 degrees. A flood watch will remain in effect until 8:00 p.m. Be very cautious on the roads for possible flooding and ice.

Breaking: Vice President Biden to Campaign in Gambier on Tuesday, Oct. 30, According to Release

(Andrew Cutraro via Wikimedia Commons)

Details are vague, but according to a press release published this afternoon (included after the jump), Vice President Joe Biden will make a campaign stop in Gambier on Tuesday, Oct. 30 for a “grassroots” event. Biden will also pay a visit to Wooster, Ohio.

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