Kenyon Explorer: Places that may be Portals to Another Realm

Dodododododododododo via blogspot

If you’ve been exploring with me up to this point, you already know that Kenyon can be a scary place. As it turns out, Kenyon is creepy place and may also take you to Narnia. Or another universe entirely.

The logical first stop is the Gates of Hell, but your intrepid explorer has, as always, dug deeper. My exploration began in the library, quietly shuffling among the study carrels to find…. Continue reading

Campus QTip: Justha Tip

campus qtip


How do pilgrims smile? They pill-grinn. Ha. If your life has also been reduced to puns, hold on to your sanity–your turkey dreams are just days away. Lucky for you, The Thrill is back in action and has located a fine specimen of a male that we think you’d like to use every morning. So sit back and rewax while we introduce our newest crush. Get ready–he’s easy on the eyes AND the ears.

Name: Justha Tip

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