Josh Radnor’s Music and Drawing What I Feel


I would say that I am the Thrill’s resident Alumni Stalker. I Facebook messaged John Green for months on end (always being left on read) and I have Josh Radnor’s tweets on alert. Once he even directly responded to me! To cut to the chase, I don’t know if most normal people know this, but Josh Radnor has a band. Yes, you heard me correctly. He and a pal write three to four minute songs with titles like “It’s Yours Once You Give it Away” and “Still Though We Should Dance”.

You know when that kid from your high school tries to become a SoundCloud rapper and you’re like, haha, thank goodness we weren’t friends and thus I can’t be associated with him? This is like that, except you chose this. You chose to be grouped with the man who willingly made this video: Continue reading


Josh Radnor’s Music Video Through a Freudian Lens (sort of)

screen-shot-2018-04-29-at-2-04-54-pm.pngSomehow, despite being a damp piece of white bread, Josh Radnor has done a lot of things. One of those things was directing a music video for Rachael Yamagata for her song Let Me Be Your Girl. Continue reading

Liberal Arts’ Janney-Radnor Sex Scene: A Critical Analysis


Oh hello! It is I, the Irresponsibility Goblin! Your personal piece of trash going nowhere fast! My face has nary been around these parts as of late, for a number of reasons. Most of them having to do with my taking on a frankly unrealistic amount of academic work, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here because staff writer Nate Winer wanted somebody to close read a scene from Josh Radnor’s famous Liberal Arts, the Kenyon masterpiece. I begged him for it, and have now come out of my self-imposed exile to fulfill this promise. So here it is folks–I’m going to close read the scene where Josh Radnor has sex with Allison Janney.

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Things I Realized Over Winter Break Are Only Socially Acceptable at Kenyon

I’ve had a hunch for a while that I’ve slowly developed a mild version of Stockholm Syndrome with Kenyon College. It comes on slowly, starting with a positive sentiment towards living in a one-and-a-half restaurant town. It finally becomes incurable with the onset of a nose ring infatuation and a sensation of terror because of the abundance of tampon options at the local Trader Joe’s. Since there are very few similarities between rural Ohio and Houston (besides the raging conservatives), I am reminded over breaks that there are a lot of things that are ONLY socially acceptable on Kenyon’s campus and are fully bizarre out in the real world:

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Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It

Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It


Everyone and their mothers know about Kenyon alum Josh “The Rad Man” Radnor’s magnum opus Liberal Arts (2012) because everyone and their mother watched it after being accepted into Kenyon. Not only was this film written, directed, produced, and starring Josh “Radatouille” Radnor, but it was filmed at Kenyon College. (Here! Where we go!) And while Liberal Arts is really not a bad film, it’s not that good of one either, and the thrill (thank you) of it really comes from watching the places you live show up on screen, and being reminded that this institution has a real reputation with real alumni.

So after getting high and taking extensive notes, I am gonna tell you the spooky things my friends and I noticed while watching this masterpiece.

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The Best of WKCO Graffiti


Which one do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

As a WKCO DJ, one of my favorite parts of the gig is to look at all of the graffiti that covers the sound booth while I listen to my show. DJs are allowed to write almost anything they want on the walls so over the years, the room has become covered in drawings, inside jokes, and philosophical ponderings. Because Farr Hall, the home of WKCO, is being torn down as part of the 2020 plan, I wanted to display some of my favorite graffiti from the WKCO booth. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tune in to WKCO 91.9 FM! Especially on Saturdays from 1-2 p.m. :).

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10 o’clock list: 5 INCREDIBLE True Facts about Josh Radnor

Did you know Josh Radnor played Mr. Tumnus in the original version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe? Due to a contract dispute, Disney invented a CGI character named James McAvoy and used digital imaging to swap his face with Radnor's!

Did you know Josh Radnor originally played Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe? Due to a contract dispute, Disney substituted a mannequin’s face for Radnor’s using CGI in the final version of the film.

Let’s face it: Our collective campus existence wouldn’t be the same without the illustrious, sparklingly immaculate, smooth beige tube that is Josh Radnor. His career has inspired us, his Old K cameos have been the subject of about a million Yaks, and his messy, unkempt ‘do has had all of us saying “dayum” since his first television debut. But who is Josh Radnor? The subject of too many Thrill posts? Sure.’s new Covergirl? You know it. The golden god to whom Zac Efron, beautifully clad in a woven poncho, pays tribute in the classic film Liberal Arts? Absolutely.

But we here at The Thrill have heard a few rumors– rumors which crack the pristine façade Radnor has crafted since his graduation. Rumors which pierce the soul and leave one crying like a newborn child. Rumors which, dare I say it, will change the way we look upon the tender face of our beloved alumnus. And they’re all 100% true.*

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