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Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It

Everyone and their mothers know about Kenyon alum Josh “The Rad Man” Radnor’s magnum opus Liberal Arts (2012) because everyone and their mother watched it after being accepted into Kenyon. Not only was this film written, directed, produced, and starring Josh “Radatouille” Radnor, but it was filmed at Kenyon College. (Here! Where we go!) And while Liberal Arts is really

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The Best of WKCO Graffiti

As a WKCO DJ, one of my favorite parts of the gig is to look at all of the graffiti that covers the sound booth while I listen to my show. DJs are allowed to write almost anything they want on the walls so over the years, the room has become covered in drawings, inside jokes, and philosophical ponderings. Because Farr

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10 o’clock list: 5 INCREDIBLE True Facts about Josh Radnor

Let’s face it: Our collective campus existence wouldn’t be the same without the illustrious, sparklingly immaculate, smooth beige tube that is Josh Radnor. His career has inspired us, his Old K cameos have been the subject of about a million Yaks, and his messy, unkempt ‘do has had all of us saying “dayum” since his first television debut. But who is

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10 o’clock list: 5 Emotions of Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor ’96 is perhaps the most recognizable Kenyon alum currently alive. Acting in the hit television program How I Met Your Mother, Radnor brought life to main character Ted Mosby in a role many critics remarked upon. He also starred and directed in the movie Liberal Arts, which was partly filmed on Kenyon’s campus and has become your parents’ favorite way of learning

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We Downloaded Average Photos of Famous Kenyon Alumni. What Happened Next Will Astound You.

Recently, I was reminded by my Thrill colleague’s timely roast of Rutherford B. Hayes that some seriously influential and somewhat baller people have graduated from Kenyon over the past hundred-odd years. With this knowledge dancing around in my brain box, I was compelled to ask: What would it be like if a bunch of successful alumni got together and had weird kids? Once that idea

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