My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story Vol. II

MAJ fifth grade

Whatever, let’s not talk about it.

As you can tell from this yearbook photo, I was in fifth grade once. This was a time before I attended the 84th best party school in the nation; a quieter time of turtlenecks and braces.We received such a great response from our first article that The Thrill has decided to continue this series of early (and some might say “awkward”) writing from Kenyon students. Continue reading

My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story

My fifth grade journal: Halloween, dogs, and my mom.

My fifth grade journal: Halloween, dogs, and my mom.

Kenyon students are known for their writing talents, meaning that the people that you pass by each day have probably been literary geniuses from a young age. Over winter break I was looking around  my room at home, and came across a bunch of old journals in a pile on my bookshelf. Flipping through the pages, I felt more than a little embarrassed to be associated with this tween-Malice. This journal was from a time when I read everything that passed in front of my face. I had subscriptions to Dog Fancy, Nick Magazine, National Geographic for Kids and probably Highlights. One golden phrase from my journal read: “Frozen fingers grabbed at us as we went farther and farther into the numbness” to describe swimming at the beach with my friends. What I’m saying is, I was a tool who kept pretentious writing journals.

At a school like Kenyon, I couldn’t possibly be alone in this closet Journal Pretentiousness… right? Continue reading