Weekend Playlist: Finals and Holiday Season

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

It’s that crazy time of year, folks. The halls are decked with flashcards and free bookstore coffee, and the only snow you’re seeing is ripped up essays flowing from the ceiling of Olin. Are you crying into your Peppermint Mocha because you miss the days when December meant getting free candy canes and making snowflakes in Elementary School? Are you at the point of stressed where you don’t feel stressed but simply feel angry at school? Take a break and listen to some exam and holiday inspired tunes to get into the spirit of finals!

Last Christmas – Wham!

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10 o’clock(ish) list: Five Internet Sensations to Distract You From Your Work

Just take a break from your work and relax, Dilbert.

What does it take to become an internet sensation? Mostly you will need a computer and a marginal level of tech knowledge. It also helps if you can sing, or if you are a cat that can flush the toilet by itself. But you probably have too many papers to write and too little time on your hands to even think about matching up to the likes of Justin Bieber or Piano Cat just yet. So just sit back, relax and look at these things that I found on the internet instead.

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The Monday Catchup

I bet you never thought you’d see Shep Smith in the Monday Catchup, did you?

Good morning! Here’s the news you may have missed:

The Lead Story: Be warned, this week’s lead story is an uncomfortable one. Fox News made headlines on Friday when it accidentally broadcast a suicide on live TV. Fox was airing an ostensibly benign car chase during Shepard Smith’s show, when the man being chased pulled his car over, got out and started running erratically. Smith saw the potential for hazard and urged the show’s producers to cut away from the chase, but not before the suspect pulled out a gun and shot himself. Smith issued a nearly two-minute apology after hastily cutting to a commercial break, but the incident has ignited a debate over whether or not car chases should be on live TV. The news website Buzzfeed has also come under fire for posting video of the suicide to YouTube. (A note: none of the links here include footage of the suicide.)

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