It Happened to Me: I Opened the Mather Door with my Debit Card


Kenyon likes to boast about how all our doors lock like they are supposed to. However, the Caples door reportedly doesn’t lock in the winter and there’s a door on the far side of Mather that you can apparently just rip open. But this story isn’t about either of those doors. This story is about a time when I went to one of the Mather doors, other than the one that you can rip open, put my debit card up to the card reader, and opened it.

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K-Card Reader Expansion Has Begun

K-Card Scanner outside of Tomsich Hall

K-Card Reader outside of Tomsich Hall

As promised back in the fall, the College, it appears, has begun rolling out the installation of K-Card Readers on academic buildings. Yesterday, work was being done in the breezeway between Hayes Hall and Tomsich Hall, and last night the Reader above was seen at the side entrance to Tomsich. We don’t know if it is fully functional yet, at the time this picture was taken, the building was unlocked and accessible without a K-Card.

10 o’clock list: Five Tips for First-Time KACers

Pictured: Me

As a man with a long history of avoiding pretty much anything that involves physical exercise, I wasn’t that surprised when my doctor wrote the words “YOU NEED TO WORK OUT GODDAMMIT” on my latest prescription. Or at least that’s what I think he wrote. The handwriting was very sloppy.

So, after much internal debate and copious amounts of pacing in the shower (which is a lot harder than it looks), I decided to go to the KAC and get my swoll on. I mean, how hard could it  be?

Needless to say, I looked like a total doiner. Don’t be a doiner. Use these five tips instead:

1. Bring your K-Card – Believe it or not, you need to prove that you go here in order to use the weight room! As someone who didn’t believe it, I thought it’d be a great idea to not bring my card, and instead, looked very suspicious as I tried to tip-toe past the KAC Attendant like the creeper in that one episode of Scooby Doo. I was asked to leave on the spot. Continue reading