1984: A Kenyon Dystopia

courtesy of the Kenyon College Archives

courtesy of the Kenyon College Archives

In the year MCMLXXXIV, Reagan was in office, and on a small hill in the middle of rural Ohio, Kenyon College was much the same as it has been. But! Behold! The Kenyon College 1984-1985 Student Handbook, found in the attic of one of our esteemed editors! A treasure trove of idiosyncrasies, lax moralities and low, low meal prices.

Here are some gems, for your reading pleasure.

  • Painting of residence rooms. Students who wish to paint their quarters, or have them painted, must make arrangements with the of the Assistant Dean for Student residences where copies of the College’s room painting policy are available.  Continue reading

D-Cat Loves the ’80s


Photo courtesy of Brad Remick ’84

Brand-new Kenyon President Sean Decatur got into the spirit of the ’80s several weekends ago, appearing at a reunion event for Kenyon alums who attended during that most Reagan-y of decades. He spoke to the group and even judged the ’80s costume contest, and is pictured here with the winners.

Clearly, this new president is going to be super cool. He’s on Twitter and is even a blogger, just like us.

Thanks to Brendan Keefe ’90 for tipping us off. 

So Let’s Talk About The 80’s


“K80s is an alumni-driven, social-media centered effort to connect Kenyon College students of the 1980s to each other, to do more than reminisce — to expand our Kenyon experience to something meaningful today.”

I have a theory about Kenyon, you either love it or you hate it.  There is something about this place that drives people to have strong emotions about this little castle on a hill.  I think that it what drives people to want to stay here forever (except for the 30-something Professors who would just prefer to be elsewhere). This is why I was not in the least bit surprised when I found the Kenyon in the 80s group known as k80s (apparently pronounced “Katies” which seems ridiculous but whatever). I’ll start by letting one of their promotional videos speak for itself:

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