The Monday Catchup


Good morning folks! Here’s what was going on in the world while you were Fandangoing and watching the rain melt the snow.

The lead story: Senator Ted Cruz is calling on the US to arm the Ukrainian rebels in their fight against separatists supported by Russia. Meanwhile, European nations have called for a cease fire.

Coming up after the jump: Same-sex marriage in Alabama, Obama against domestic violence, Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car accident, Alibaba makes moves, and more…

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So You Have Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Awww, look at Sackie! So cute. via

An accurate representation of Sackie’s cute lil’ mug.  via

In case you haven’t heard, seen, or suffered yet- Hand, foot, and mouth disease is going around campus. That’s right. An infant’s disease is plaguing our student body full of adults. Now that your college-induced infantile emotional regression is manifesting itself in epidemic form, and you’ve fallen victim to it, what are you left to do? As a survivor on the tail end of the mend, allow me to clue you in.

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Was Moodle Hacked?

That mortar board might as well be a backwards snapback.

Last Thursday evening, I was just starting a shift at Helpline when my desk partner let out an exclamatory noise. Curious, I inquired about the source this outburst. He pointed to the home page of his Moodle account, and there, prominently featured, was an animated image of a naked man (his nether region was covered) in some sort of pink and blue cloud world. Warning: animated softporn after the jump Continue reading