BREAKING: Domino’s Pizza Now Takes K-Card, Waistbands Everywhere Groan in Disapproval

Lookit dat sweet sweet cheesy pizz (via

Lookit dat sweet sweet cheesy pizz (via

As if the graveyard of empty pizza boxes I store underneath my XL twin bed frame needed any new corpses, Domino’s has finally decided to jump on the K-Card bandwagon. Beginning right the heck now, you can order hot, fresh, flavor-blasted Domino’s pizzas (cooked especially for you in the corporation’s Mount Vernon location) using that weird plastic rectangle you scan on your dorm’s card reader each and every night.

The steps to achieve Domino’s-Induced PizzaBliss™ were sent out via email earlier today. According to Mark Kohlman, the process goes a little something like this:

1. Enter your address
2. Select your desired food items
3. Go to Checkout
the next couple of steps are critical
4.  Enter your K-card # in the box labeled:  DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS
5.  Select Payment Information:  PAY WITH CASH UPON DELIVERY (you won’t have to pay with cash upon delivery if you entered you K-card # as instructed in #4.
6. Select Place Order
7. Wait
8. Enjoy your food
Sound simple? It is! Happy eating, folks.

LOST NORTH FACE: Black w/ iphone and kcard in front pocket


This post was co-authored by Kate Lindsay and Maureen Hoff ’15.

Hi. You’ve probably gotten emails from me before. It comes as no surprise that once again I have lost my black north face w/ iphone and kcard in front pocket. The morning after every Ganter party, you get this email, and every Tuesday I end up buying a new kcard, as well as ordering a new north face. I have spent over $600 on kcards this year alone. As for the iPhone, they’re a dime a dozen. However, this iPhone (my third this year) had my social security number saved as a “Note,” under the heading “MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” so you can understand why I’m starting to get nervous that this could fall into the wrong hands.

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