Theatre Kid Lingo: An Abridged Dictionary

Okay. I’ll admit it. Drama majors aren’t always that easy to understand. You’ll have to forgive us. We live in a world in which we’re regularly encouraged to pretend to be someone else, which is probably super unhealthy now that I think about it (Seriously, though–I’ve spoken in four different accents today. For fun. There’s no way that’s normal). So, for those who’ve always wondered, here are some terms you might come across when hanging out with one of us “theater kids”:

ASM: Assistant stage manager; professional snack-runner; taker of much shit. Example: My life is really hard because I asked my ASM for pretzels and she got me Sun Chips.

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Flash Review: Oleanna

Seriously, how INTENSE is that tagline?

First off, I think I should begin with a disclaimer: I love this play. It’s weird. It’s upsetting. It’s hard to understand. But I love it. In one hour and with two characters, Oleanna gives you a crash course in a subject that playwright David Mamet might call “How to Be Super Profound…profound” (if you read the play, you’ll find that the guy is very fond of repetition, ellipses, italics…and pretty much nothing else). KCDC’s production of the play, directed by Doug Healy ’13, is the senior thesis of Meg Sutter and Harry Hanson.

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Flash Review: Balm in Gilead

About a week ago, a cast member of Balm in Gilead described it to me as a show that “some people are going to love and some people are going to absolutely hate.” Although I know it’s my responsibility to come up with my own descriptions, this one is about as accurate as it gets.

I’ll begin by saying that on the aforementioned love-hate spectrum for this show, I fall firmly into the former end. It’s not often that I get the pleasure of going to see a show that truly surprises me, and makes me feel as though I’ve never seen anything like it before. However, some people don’t like to be surprised. In fact, in the row that I was sitting in, there were no fewer than four people who felt that way — a middle-aged woman who fell asleep within the first 10 minutes, and a family of three that left at intermission. But I don’t think that the KCDC Powers That Be mounted this production without anticipating those reactions. Balm in Gilead isn’t a show that tries to please the visitors who came for Family Weekend; instead, it asks them why they wanted to be pleased in the first place.

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Flash Review: Icarus and Aria

Noah Heinrich ’12 comes to us with this flash review of Icarus and Aria, which you can see again tonight or tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. in the Bolton Theater.

As an on-and-off reviewer for the Collegian, I prided myself on being “the mean one.” I made refusing to pull my punches a trademark, and sought to point out any problem that I thought truly made a negative impact on my viewing experience. I write all this so that when I say that I could not find any real flaw with KCDC’s newest offering, Icarus and Aria, I want you to realize just how serious I am being. Icarus and Aria is unlike any KCDC show I’ve seen at the Bolton. Continue reading

Do it tonight: Icarus and Aria

It'll be just like that movie you loved as a teenager, except with people you know and way awesomer.

There are a few things that the Kenyon theatre scene considers a pretty big deal. One of them is any mainstage faculty-directed show; only three go up each year, they receive the coveted space of the Bolton Theater and they get the biggest budgets. Another of them is Assistant Professor of Drama Kevin Rich, who has won the hearts and minds of every single drama major and some stray English majors with little effort since he arrived at Kenyon less than two years ago.

So when I say that this weekend’s big theatrical production is a mainstage show directed by Kevin Rich, now you know just how exciting that is. Kirk Wood Bromley’s Icarus and Aria is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set in urban Phoenix, Ariz. but still written in verse. Icarus and Aria are played by Hector Marrero ’15 and Faith Servant ’13, respectively, while 19 other students fill out numerous other roles.

Icarus and Aria goes up tonight, tomorrow and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. in the Bolton Theater. Reserve tickets at the Bolton Box Office (740-427-5546) or show up and try your luck. This is one show you really don’t want to miss.