Kenyon Themed Memes


It is what it is, and no one can stop me. These are some memes that I made, personally curated for the population that vaguely cares about my Hot Takes ™ on things here on the hill. Some of them are obscure, most are not.

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Meet a KEEPer: Ceci Rodriguez ’22

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KEEP, the Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program, is a scholarship program for underrepresented students of color and first generation college students. The program is run through the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. KEEP Scholars undergo a six-week program prior to their first year on campus, taking a analytical writing course and a data analysis course for credit going into the academic year. The program aims to build leadership skills and provide a cohort of support. In this article we feature Ceci Rodriguez, one of the KEEP Scholars. Continue reading