Meet Kenyon’s Newest Author, Rioghnach Robinson ’16

(via Facebook)

(via Facebook)

Has your tiny, collegiate body ever ingestsed a beautiful novel and thought, “Wow, this is all I want to create and more! The plot twists, the unexpected heroism, the heartwarming message – every part of this book-reading experience is glorious, and I would love to replicate it with words of my own!” These may or may not have been the thoughts of soon-to-be-published YA author Rioghnach Robinson ’16, whose book Seven Ways We Lie (published under the pseudonym “Riley Redgate”) hits shelves March 8th. We asked Robinson a few questions regarding her book and her writing process. Aspiring novelists, take note!

The Kenyon Thrill: Can you give us a brief summary of your book?
Robinson: Yes! Narrated from the perspective of seven high school juniors, one for each of the seven deadly sins, Seven Ways We Lie explores how the ripple effect from a teacher-student relationship forces each of the seven to confront their central flaw.

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“Kenyon is the Best”

Some of you may have seen writer and Kenyon graduate John Green ’00 lurking around campus right before we left for Thanksgiving break. For example, I happen to know that he was hiding away in the back of the Bookstore on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 17, but I never actually got to see this mysterious figure. For those of you who got to meet him, and for anyone else who wasn’t able to track down this elusive, charming writer, here’s your chance (kind of):