IKEA Monkey Leaves IKEA, Winds up at Bookstore


The Bookstore is full of quirky things. Because we live in the cute snow globe that is Gambier, we need to be able to buy tchotchkes at the same place we buy our books and bagels (when we’re feeling too lazy to walk to Peirce…or Wiggle). Within that sea of trinkets, however, sometimes one in particular stands out. Behold — the IKEA monkey air freshener.

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10 o’clock list: Most Nostalgic School Supplies in the Bookstore

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Full disclosure time, guys. I’ve just turned 20. This is horrifying not because I still can’t buy my own alcohol (goddammit, so close), but because I do not know where the last year went. Until a week before my birthday I accidentally, yet consistently, told people that I was 18. Without noticing it, I have become an Adult College Student Type Person, also known as Old. I was still coming to terms with this realization when I noticed that the bookstore stocks several things I haven’t needed for 10 years. Nostalgia, ahoy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be decorating my pencil case with glitter and kitty stickers.

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