Our Moms’ Confessions About Kenyon Confessions

He wants to do what with her butt? (via parentingpink.com)

He wants to do what with her butt? (via parentingpink.com)

We all have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Kenyon Confessions. But at the end of the day, we’re the ones submitting them, whether we admit to it or not. But how would those who raised us think of our school’s emotional outlet? The mothers of Thrill writers comment (anonymously, of course!) on their thoughts on Kenyon’s most notorious Facebook page.

  • “Kenyon Confessions seems to bring out the middle schooler in all of you. It’s easy to spot the kids who didn’t get picked for the kickball team in PE, the first kids with braces, you know, that kind of thing. When they get older, both the men and the women will grow a pair.” Continue reading

Comparing Confessions


But you’re an open book. (Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here until Tuesday.)

Breaking news! Apparently Kenyon is not the only institution of higher learning to air its frustrations on the Internet! Since its inception this fall, Kenyon Confessions has became a fixture on campus, but if you are in need of more reading material that is at times angsty and at times genuinely sweet, check out these confessions pages brought to you by BYU, CU Boulder, Beloit College, and Columbia University.

BYU Secrets: I was very excited to discover that BYU has a confessions page, I mean all those young Mormons, grouped in one place, without alcohol or sex, there must be some serious truth bombs bottled up.

In some ways I was right:BYU se Continue reading

Kenyon Confessions: A Shift in Focus

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.40.28 AMJust last week we discussed the new trend that is currently dominating your Facebook newsfeed, Kenyon Confessions. Since our first reporting, Kenyon confessions has shifted quite dramatically in mood. While the occasional nonsensical, jokey, flirty, sexual, and/or disgusting post still makes an appearance, the overall page has become much more serious. Continue reading

Kenyon Confessions: A Review

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 4.01.45 PM

So gross, but so funny.

Seems like there is new Kenyon-specific Twitter, Facebook page, or Tumblr every week. It felt appropriate to post this one, which shifts between a little too confessional and a great read. I thought I would highlight some of my favorites and give our readers the real range of posts that the page is getting. Like most of the other pages, we have no leads on who started it or why.

Continue reading