Kenyon Counterpoint: The Horn vs. The VI

878334012Motown at the Village Inn via

While there are a seemingly endless amount of concert venues in Gambier if you get creative, the two main guns are the Horn Gallery and the VI. Thrill contributors, Dan Rasch ‘14 and Noah Weinman ‘16 have played and witnessed shows at both venues, and have come together to hash out which venue ought to win boasting rights as the best show in town. Continue reading

Kenyon Counterpoint: Kimbra vs. Lorde

So obviously New Zealand is killing the game right now. The past decade has seen a lot of kiwis hit the big time overseas (e.g. Gotye and Flight of the Conchords), but today the real battle has come down to Kimbra and Lorde. These two pop songstresses have both put out absolutely killer debut albums that each give them claim to the throne, but which one beats the other? There can, after all, only be one queen bee

Dan Rasch ‘14 and Broods Weinman ‘16 have taken sides on this most contentious of issues.  A coin was flipped, and Lorde was assigned to Rasch, Kimbra to Broods.  Read on and judge for yourself the victor…

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Kenyon Counterpoint: Broods and Rasch Discuss “The Kenyon Sound”

What kind of music do you think counts as particularly “Kenyon?”  Is it just a random amalgamation of whatever 1600 individual college students happen to like?  Or are there patterns, commonalities of taste that bind us together?  For the first edition of “Kenyon Counterpoint,” we’ve asked our resident music writers Dan Rasch ’14 and Noah “Broods” Weinman ’16 (two transplanted Los Angelenos & bona-fide music nerds) to dish on what tunes they think fall under that strange & nebulous heading: “The Kenyon Sound.”

Are they dead on, or grossly misguided?  You decide! Continue reading