Kenyon Doppelgangers: Alex Kirshy ’17 and Henry Toohey ’18

I know what you’re thinking, but no — although they may be brothers in beard, Alex Kirshy and Henry Toohey are not (as far as we know) long-lost twins. They are the latest in the Thrill’s ongoing series of Kenyon Doppelgangers, where we celebrate both what makes us here at Kenyon similar in greatness and also what makes us so preciously unique and special individuals. We appreciate their participation! Let’s get going.

Obviously, the similarities are striking. We can immediately see that both are handsome gentlemen, and both are scholars of the theater. However, Kirshy says that “what’s funny about the doppelganger thing is that it’s obviously our hair, and maybe our major (both are Theater majors, and Kirshy doubles with English) but we’re actually very different.” Well, in what ways are they different? In what ways are they alike? I’m glad you asked, because this brings us to our lightning round!

Favorite cookie? Kirshy’s is shortbread and Toohey’s is ginger snap. Darn. What about favorite Peirce food? Spaetzle and hash brown triangles. No luck there, either. How about favorite color? Both said green. (Well, actually Kirshy said “forest green,” which I for eighteen years thought had two ‘r’s in it and now I feel like an idiot). Favorite building on campus? Both said Bolton Theater. If they were twins, would they be the good or the bad twin? Both said good twin. Wow. I’m impressed. Truly, these dopples were meant to gang together.

And they often do, in the theater program! Toohey says that Kirshy is “pretty much always onstage” and he himself does “more of the tech stuff,” but can’t you imagine the two of them Dopplin’ it up? It warms my heart. Kirshy is from Massachusetts and Toohey is from Pennsylvania, but I know that you too, dear reader, believe they are twins separated at birth. Although Kirshy had to shave his beard after this installment in order to more fully become a character, we know deep down that they share a bond stronger than beard — Dopplegangers will never give each other up, they’ll never let each other down, run around, or desert each other. It’s science.

Thanks so much to both Alex Kirshy and Henry Toohey for agreeing to celebrate Doppelganging with the Thrill! We appreciate you and like your faces.


Kenyon Doppelgangers: Houlder Hudgins ’18 and Austin Barrett ’18

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.27.34 PM.png

Whoa!!! Twins!!!

Here at Kenyon we value individuality of mind and uniqueness of spirit. We strive to accept that everyone here is different, which is what makes us so special. However, by some strange cosmic accident (or perhaps a twist of fate), a pair of individuals will occasionally arise to make us realize that deep down, we are all human beans trying to make it in this world. Houlder Hudgins ’18 and Austin Barrett ’18 could have easily been twins separated at birth, but despite what you may think, they are not related by blood. Instead, they are what we at The Thrill like to call Kenyon Doppelgangers.

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Kenyon Doppelgangers: Maddy Jacobs ’15 and Amelia Blumenfeld ’16


This one was a long time coming. Maddy Jacobs ’15 and Amelia Blumenfeld ’16 are Kenyon doppelgänger royalty – they claim that they’re mistaken for each other so often that they just come to expect it now. But they understand the misunderstanding, “We’re both extroverted, outgoing and our eyeliner is always on fleek.”

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Kenyon Doppelgängers: Peter Granville ’16 and Andrew Perricone ’17

Granville (left) and Perricone givin’ us some smolder.

This week we have another twosome with an uncanny resemblance: Peter Granville ’16 and Andrew Perricone ’17. I am personally invested in this edition of “Kenyon Doppelgängers”; I’ve had to stop myself from hurling sarcastic insults at Granville no fewer than nine billion times after mistaking him for Perricone. Now that I’ve met the charming Granville, I’m certain he’ll excuse any future unsavory comments. Continue reading