Kenyon Explorer: Math Major Lounges


The secrets of the universe lie beyond these doors (but actually yeah, math is pretty important)

Deep within the recesses of Rutherford B. Hayes Hall lie two rooms, secret but to a few select members of the Kenyon community. From the insides come the low whir of computers, the soft tapping of calculator keys, and the scratch of pen on paper. You reach the doors, scared of what lies beyond only to be stopped dead in your tracks by a locked door and a sign reading “This Space is Reserved for Math Majors Only.”

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Kenyon Explorer: Places that may be Portals to Another Realm

Dodododododododododo via blogspot

If you’ve been exploring with me up to this point, you already know that Kenyon can be a scary place. As it turns out, Kenyon is creepy place and may also take you to Narnia. Or another universe entirely.

The logical first stop is the Gates of Hell, but your intrepid explorer has, as always, dug deeper. My exploration began in the library, quietly shuffling among the study carrels to find…. Continue reading

Kenyon Explorer: Halloween Haunts

Like zoinks, Scoob! via

Like zoinks, Scoob! via

The research for this article has proven that if you open unmarked doors at Kenyon, you will find one of three things:

  1. Totally innocuous closet
  2. Equally harmless basement/storage room/attic
  3. Cobweb drenched, nightmare inducing Room of Abject Horror.

To be fair, many of the spaces in category three are also basements or attics, which naturally may cause you to wonder how they could possibly be so different than those in category two. “C’mon, Explorer,” you might think, “All basements are weird. Besides, most of Kenyon’s buildings are lovely. You couldn’t have found anything that bad.”

How wrong you would be, dear, naive reader. How very wrong indeed. Continue reading

Kenyon Explorer: Study Safari

Smashing! via

Smashing! (via

Kenyon is a small campus in a tiny town, which may lead students to quickly feel like they’ve seen everything there is to see on the Hill. Here to shatter that comfortable illusion is the Kenyon Explorer! This week, I put on my trusty pith helmet and headed into the bush to find study spaces off the beaten path. Continue reading