Kenyon Zodiac: Ghost Edition

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Guess who is zodiBACK and spookier than ever! As we approach the haunted wonderland of sin that is Halloweekend, you may feel yourself yearning to be more connected to your ghOOooOOstLy side. Have no fear dear reader, it’s time for the star signs as Kenyon Ghosts!

Aries- Hill Theater Ghost. According to several accounts, the Hill ghosts are pretty outgoing! Although they can be fairly dramatic, they’re always willing to lend a helping hand and are never afraid to ask questions.

Taurus- Dance Studio Ghost. Taurus is artistic, adding a little flair to a typical haunting. With puddles of water evaporating before security guards eyes and the sound of splashing permeating the walls of an empty studio, your time spent with a Taurus is definitely an experience! 

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Kenyon Explorer: Halloween Haunts

Like zoinks, Scoob! via

Like zoinks, Scoob! via

The research for this article has proven that if you open unmarked doors at Kenyon, you will find one of three things:

  1. Totally innocuous closet
  2. Equally harmless basement/storage room/attic
  3. Cobweb drenched, nightmare inducing Room of Abject Horror.

To be fair, many of the spaces in category three are also basements or attics, which naturally may cause you to wonder how they could possibly be so different than those in category two. “C’mon, Explorer,” you might think, “All basements are weird. Besides, most of Kenyon’s buildings are lovely. You couldn’t have found anything that bad.”

How wrong you would be, dear, naive reader. How very wrong indeed. Continue reading