Kenyon in the News: Decriminalization of Marijuana

As marijuana laws relax in many states, with Colorado and Washington both legalizing recreational use and other states legalizing use of the drug for medical purposes, we can also look south of our borders to, to Jamaica, a country many associate with marijuana. And it looks like at least one Kenyon faculty member has opinions on the issue.

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Kenyon is America’s 39th Best College, Says Internet

Our friends over at Arbitrary Rankings Quarterly (also known as Forbes magazine) have decreed that our humble college is just a teensy bit better than the College of William and Mary and just a tiny bit worse than Georgetown University. More importantly, we’re a heckuva lot better than rivals Oberlin College (#75), Skidmore College (#84) and Denison University (#102). Princeton is #1, not that we care. I mean, who’s even counting? Whatever, Princeton. You can keep Paul Krugman, because we have Will Melick.

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Kenyon Alumna to Run the (Financial) World

Peyton Patterson '78, who has been selected to be the CEO of BNC Financial Group.

Kenyon is well known for its authors and scholars, but did you know Kenyon is a powerhouse for bankers? It’s true. As reports, Kenyon alumna Peyton Patterson ’78 has been named CEO of BNC Financial Group, a conglomerate of smaller commercial banks based in New England. Peyton will assume the role this September.

A political science major at Kenyon, Patterson went on to receive her MBA from George Washington University. Patterson has spent over 25 years in the financial services industry as has won a number of awards and rankings. In 2005, she was ranked #2 on US Banker’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking.”

According to CityBiz, Patterson said of her selection, “I am honored to be joining BNC Financial Group because it represents everything I love about community banking.”

Go Kenyon!

Kenyon Trustee Is Amazing

(Via Guys, he has his own website.

Paul Goldberger, a Kenyon Trustee ’03, has recently moved from the New Yorker  to Vanity Fair.  Goldberger will act as a contributing editor and will write architecture criticism for the magazine. He began his career at the New York Times, where he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for distinguished criticism, the highest award offered.

Want to be on top like Goldberger? Read more after the jump.

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