Stuff You Got Rid of When You Realized it Wasn’t Kenyon Aesthetic Enough


Honest to God it’s a Texas tradition to give everyone you know a monogrammed gift when you graduate high school. So when I rolled up to Kenyon for the first time it’s accurate to say that I had never seen a pair of clogs before or been in a room with more than five liberals at a time. Continue reading

From the Archives: Having a Bit of Fun


December 9, 1982

Today, rather than present one article, we would like to present a collection of short, but interesting, snippets from the Collegian throughout the years. Included below are news briefs ranging in topic from a visit by General Westmoreland to a student injured while cleaning a gun.


General William Westmoreland will speak in Rosse Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7:30pm. General Westmoreland was the Supreme Commander of the U.S. Forces during the Vietnam War. More recently, he was in the public eye when he sued CBS for libel concerning an hour news segment which accused him of lying to former President Lyndon Johnson. The lecture is co-sponsored by Faculty and Student Lectureships.
November 21, 1985

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Kenyon or Kenya?

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We have all heard it. Usually it comes from a family friend in a sweater vest. “Ah,” he says, “Kenyon. So… How is Africa?” You and he both know that Kenyon is not near Africa. You live in Ohio. He’s seen your dad wearing the ‘Kenyon is not near Uganda’ shirt he bought when you were a prospective student. He has made that joke every time he’s seen you since you got the Thumbs Up envelope. It’s been years and you’re sick of this. But how to make it stop? How do you make sure that your friends/relatives/awkward high school acquaintances no longer make the perpetually unfunny  joke? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Five Ways You Can Avoid Being the Butt of the Kenya/Kenyon Joke

As a Kenyon student, you’ve been in this scenario too many times before. You’re making small talk with that one distant relative, co-worker or peculiarly attractive tollbooth attendant when they drop the A-bomb of questions on you: “So where do you go to school?” You gulp, clench your fists, and squeak “Kenyon.”  What comes next is the most abominable nine-word-phrase in the English language: “Wait, wait, wait … you go to school in Kenya?”

Don’t let them get their cheap, cliched laugh! Here are Five Ways You Can Avoid Being the Butt of the classic Kenya/Kenyon Joke:

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