Kenyon Krafts: Ways to be Clean Without Actually Showering

You all are a godsend to a stinky lil nugget like me. (via Wikimedia Commons and

You all are a godsend to a stinky lil nugget like me. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Do you ever catch a whiff of your own stench after an Old Kenyon party and think to yourself, “Wow, I’m the most disgusting human I’ve ever encountered”? Are you often so busy that you simply cannot spare the twenty-odd minutes it takes to have a beautiful, satisfying self-cleansing experience? Do you eschew mainstream society and instead seek “natural” alternatives to chemically-based products? If you answered “heck to the yeah” in response to any of these questions, then this is definitely the post for you! Courtesy of a bunch of  DIY articles I kind of skimmed, here are some quick ‘n’ easy ways to make your body appear clean:

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Kenyon Kraft: The Wiggin Street Facial


This post was co-authored and co-experienced by Izzy Sanderson ’15 and Olivia Grabar Sage ’15.  With photography expertly done by Sage and modeling by Sanderson. 

Has your face been feeling dull as of late? Acne gettin’ you down? Are you just craving some exfoliation? Well, we have a solution: the Wiggin Street Facial. We are going to show you how to shine like the beautiful diamond that you always knew you could be. Trust us, the compliments haven’t stopped coming. Continue reading