Kenyon Kribs: Caples


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Ah, Caples. It’s “anywhere but Mather,”  “thank God it’s not New Apts,” and “maybe next year I can get an NCA;” the tallest building in Knox County, and home to about 200 students. That’s right: Caples is the Ultimate Kenyon Krib.

Amenities include:

Several super comfy lounges!


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What’s It Like to Live Above the Cove?

Olivia Siulagi '14 and Cass Dempwolf '14 decorate their cove apartment with Cosmo magazine clippings

Shedding some light on what it’s like to live above the Cove

When I first entered the Cove apartments to interview seniors Cass Dempwolf  and Olivia Siulagi, I was met by the comforting smell of bleach and faint Cove odor. This was not my first time here; I had stayed in Cove apartment 2 on a Wednesday night as a prospective student, when my brother was a Kenyon student and lived here for fire department housing. While not the most conventional example of apartment housing, Cass and Olivia showed me that this apartment above the Cove,  in spite of its rough exterior, has its own kind of charm.

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Kenyon Kribs: ECO/PEAS House

There is a little fisherman that guards the door to the Stepford-esque (at least from the outside) ECO/PEAS house. Inside lies a space perfect for eating and crafting, with annoyingly spacious rooms and tigers plastering the walls. If you stop by to take photographs of their home, they may serve you chocolate tea or homemade bread. Their living room space is home to D.I.Y. Krafternoon every Friday, as well as a blue, fuzzy, somewhat phallic pillow. The eight residents brew beer, build bikes, bake bread, and also run and bike. Basically, they are the crafty, outdoorsy people you wish you were, living together in a beautiful house.

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