Kenyon Kribs: Crozier Center for Women

The Crozier Center for Women is not just a campus-wide space for events and a cappella practice, but also home to Colleen Damerell ’13, Molly Silverstein ’13, Valerie Lightner ’15, and Jenny Ruymann ’15. The downstairs is a common area open to all who need a quiet space to study or a fully equipped kitchen for when Peirce just isn’t cutting it or if you really need brownies. The upstairs rooms are literally Kenyon’s best kept secret. They are amazing. Check it all out after the jump!

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Kenyon Kribs: Hillel House

(From left to right) Colin Finnegan, a bit of Andrew Pochter, and Rebecca Varnell. Photo by Zoe Lyon.

To many students, Hillel exists only as a Sunday morning treat, a safe haven that lures in innocent first years with the prospect of bagels, only to immediately run out (no, I will never let go of that). But for sophomores Andrew Pochter, Colin Finnegan, Zoe Lyon, and Rebecca Varnell, it’s home, a place of elephant tapestries, Yiddish fridge magnets, and probably UNLIMITED bagels. See more pictures after the jump!

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Kenyon Kribs: North Campus Apartment 3-C

From left to right: Verticchio, Lemke, Borkowski and Dorgan stand in front of their lovely home.

On a muggy Monday, seniors Alex Borkowski, Genny Dorgan, Brian Lemke and Matthew Verticchio were kind enough to let The Thrill creep on their freshly moved-into North Campus Apartment (New-New). Despite moving in less than a week ago, the residents of NCA 3-C have already created a welcoming and distinctive atmosphere in their suburban mansion. From inventive and personal wall ornamentation to a banging speaker system, NCA 3-C has the potential to be a  real “game changer” in the North Campus social scene, especially since the hike to New Apts has become even more treacherous.

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Kenyon Kribs: P.F. Kluge Edition

This time on Kenyon Kribs, we’re taking a trip to probably the most mysterious and esteemed location on the Kenyon campus. P.F. Kluge, Kenyon’s writer in residence, is famous for writing Eddie and the Cruisers and not making eye contact with students sitting in the adjacent booth in Middle Ground who desperately want to be his friend. His house is just as enigmatic, with furniture ranging from expensive imports to pieces found laying on the side of the road. Check out the video after the jump, and be sure to stay tuned until the end for a clip of the professor cuddling and talking about his teddy bear.

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Kenyon Kribs: “Mather’s Weird, But So Are We”

This time on Kenyon Kribs, we take a trip to Mather. Last Wednesday, Ali Stamatoiu ’14 and Phoebe Rotter ’14 were kind enough to let us peek at their room, located in the Penthaus of Mather.  Their room is lovely in every way: it is warm and cozy, and it smells so good that you almost forget you’re in Mather.

Stamatoiu and Rotter lounging in their room.

Video tour and closeup photos of Mather 410 after the jump!

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